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full-time Training Support and Inventory Professional at Jewellery Design and Management International School in Singapore 05-10-2022
full-time Junior Video Editor/Video Production (Content Creation) at Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) in Singapore 04-10-2022
full-time Quality Control Associate at Poh Heng in Singapore 26-09-2022
full-time Sales Admin and Operations Executive at Carrie K. Jewellery in Singapore 18-08-2022
freelance Assistant Business Manager at Kabochon fine jewellery in Singapore 10-11-2021
full-time Full-time Jewelry Production Manager at Ask & Embla in Singapore 16-05-2020
full-time Business Executive at Lynn Lim in Singapore 28-01-2019
full-time Business Executive at Asynergy Insurance Agency in Singapore 24-01-2019
freelance PARTTIME jewellery beader at rajesh kantilal in Singapore 13-02-2018
full-time Administrative Assistant at HR in Singapore 06-01-2018
freelance Netball Pendants at Cyrus Medora in Singapore 15-05-2015
full-time Trainee Watch Polisher at Audemars Piguet (Singapore) Pte Ltd in Singapore 16-01-2013
full-time goldsmith at Muhammad khalid Abbas, Anywhere 01-12-2012
full-time Admin Executive at The Jewel Box in Singapore 02-02-2012
freelance Business Partner for Online Jewelry Business at Monika, Anywhere 08-12-2011
part-time Part-Time Art Teacher at Clara Goh in Singapore 30-09-2011