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Spotlight Jobs

fulltime Operations Manager at Carrie K. Jewellery in Singapore
fulltime Social Media Manager / Influencer Manager: Ecommerce company at Kbazaar Pte Ltd in Singapore
fulltime Jewellery Designer at CARRIE K. in Singapore

Most recent job offers

full-time Jewellery Designer at Carrie K. in Singapore 01-05-2024
full-time Business Development & Luxury Sales Executive at Private Company in Singapore 15-01-2024
full-time Assistant to Jewellery Designer at R.Chithra in Singapore 12-04-2023
full-time Jewellery Designer at Isabelle in Singapore 02-03-2023
full-time Production Designer at Arte Oro Pte Ltd in Singapore 03-01-2023
full-time Digital Marketing Junior Executive at JDMIS in Singapore 13-12-2022
full-time Training Support and Inventory Professional at Jewellery Design and Management International School in Singapore 05-10-2022

Most applied to jewellery jobs

part-time Jewellery Designer at Vihari in Singapore 54 applicants
full-time Jewelry Designer at Jann Paul in Singapore 49 applicants
full-time JEWELLERY DESIGNER at Singapore Jeweller - Name Withheld in Singapore 41 applicants
freelance FREELANCE/PARTIME DESIGNERS NEEDED at Anne Tay, Anywhere 38 applicants
full-time Hiring Trainee Jewellery Designer at Royal Insignia in Singapore 35 applicants
freelance Jewellery Designer at Zora Jewellery in Singapore 35 applicants
freelance Freelance Jewellery Designers at Singapore Jeweller in Singapore 34 applicants